Press Clipping

GODWIN LOUIS/Global: It marks a very special moment when you can tackle a double album of challenging music that isn't work to listen to. Stuff like this doesn't have to be like a marathon where you feel like you can congratulate yourself for feeling like you've walked a mile on glass to get through it. You should be able to let it flow. This world wise cat has always been fascinated by music, which led him get DNA testing which led him to find his Haitian roots weren't as pristine as he thought they were. This opened the door to him investigating the sounds of the Afro Cuban Diaspora. All that is a long winded way of adding up the elements that make this a double disc of wow. Whether mash up or straight ahead, this sax man blows your ears wide open. Taking being an armchair traveler to the max, this'll get anyone's head spinning, in a good way, of course. Smoking.
(Blue Room 1004)